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Update release - minor enhancements and bug fixes see release log on downloads page for details.

This is the last round of enhancements for the moment so I can consolidate core functions in preparation for submission to LG

I am working on channel support and will keep you posted!

Thanks for your support



Update release - player fixes see release log on downloads page for details.



Update release - potential fix for audio language selection ... please note I haven't tested this yet (I did it at work during lunch)

Also just to be clear LG doesn't support subtitles unless they are stored as separate files. So if subtitles are integrated into the MKV container and PLEX can't identify them as a separate stream with a filename THEY WILL NOT WORK). This appears to be a limitation to the development platform SDK. I can't fix this.



Update release - fixes crash issue with subtitle selection and other tweaks

UPDATE 11:15PM Canberra Time: Small bug in release package have tweaked and republished ...



Update release - audio language selection. See release notes on downloads page for details.

Please note LG doesn't support integrated subtitles via the application platform, only subtitles stored in separate filed such as SRT.

By the way if you like this application please click thru one of the adverts on the side.



Another updated release mainly media player enhancements. See release notes on downloads page for details.

Happy New Year!



Had some free time tonight so new release available - mainly fixes to the new player.

Please DON'T lodge bug reports for missing features in the player, it isn't finished yet.

There has been a number of requests come my way for the implementation of Shared Library's and Channel support. I will look into this once the core functionality is completed so please "back off" for a bit and let me get the core client functions completed.

I hear you! Simon


New Release - I have just published a new release, go to the downloads page for overview of features. This release utilises the LG media player, which appears to be able to handle MKV files better than the previous player. Please note the media player isn't fully functional as this is just an early preview.

The integrated player requires all the controls to be manually created so it will take some time to get things right.

For those of you who need subtitles, I have included some basic functionality which seems to work well. At the moment it only allows you to play the first subtitle stream found.

Please if you lodge bug or enhancement request include as much detail as possible ... some of the bug reports are a little light on or make little sense to me.

Enjoy, Simon


New option added to the site to report issues and request features. Please use this to lodge bug reports - I will keep checking the PLEX forum but this will make managing bugs easier for me.



So I have finally cracked sub-titles, generic transcoding and the MKV issue using the built in LG Media Player.

I am currently working on integrating the media player into the application and hope to have something out there for testing in the next few days, depending on other demands (i.e. Moving house, Work and a new baby on the way)..

I am also going to build a simple issue tracker so people can lodge issues and feature requests, it is getting hard to manage them on the forum.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas ...



The new release had a few issues with the PMS address settings preventing users from opening the application. I hope the recent fixes have addressed this issue.

If you get stuck on the loading screen, you can now press the "RED" key on your remote on the initial loading/home screen to reset the PMS server address and re-enter it.

Also please note the application currently only supports codecs used by the TV, as I haven't got transcoding working yet. This is why some videos don't play (i.e. MKV videos).

Anyway please enjoy - constructive feedback and issues welcomed via the forum.



New release of client application for testing, now called PLEX for LG Home Theater.

Complete rewrite and new design. See download page for more details.

Happy holidays, Simon