PLEX for LG Home Theatre is a PLEX client for the LG Smart TV range and requires PLEX Media Server to function.

PLEX Media Server downloads and help can be found at

The PLEX media server must be on the same local network as the Smart TV and must use IP4 network addressing in order for the application to work.

Initial Configuration

When the application is first launched you will need to enter the IP4 address of your PMS server manually or you can use the SCAN function to attempt to have the application find your PMS server automatically.

If you enter the wrong address the application will timeout after 30 seconds and return to the configuration screen.

The application supports multiple PMS server using the SCAN function.

Video Help

To view a quick video showing how the configuration screen works watch the following short video

How to check PMS is running and is accessible on the network


  • The application doesn't support channels at this time.
  • The application doesn't support shared libraries at this time.
  • Search query input is only functional on LG Smart TV that support the native on screen keyboard or can be controlled via the LG smart phone application.

Further Help

For more help please use the dedicated forum found at: