The application is still being developed, the best place to seek help is via the forum at this point.

Installing to Application

Download and extract to USB

Download the DRM-packaged file (.zip) on your PC.

Unzip it and you will see a folder named with a number, for example "8”. This number is an application ID.

Copy this folder under to \lgapps\installed folder on a FAT32 formatted USB drive.

folder structure

Inserting USB into LG Smart TV

Sign in to LG Smart TV with ID and password of LG Apps TV. Then, insert the USB into TV.


If the Country Setting on TV is not set to your own country, the login icon for LG Smart TV cannot be displayed. Thus, you cannot test your application on TV without changing the Country Setting.

Click [MyApps] on the bottom of TV screen.

 In MyApps page, press arrow () on the screen or [CH Down] button from IR Remote to see your application.

 You can see and test your application running on real TV.


When testing application on Real TV, the DRM-packaged application must receive the key from SDP for decryption. But the key may be delayed or not received depending on the network status. In this case, you can try to input USB again.

Also, applications on USB have the different decryption keys. If one application was displayed on TV but the other applications were not displayed on TV, it means the one application received the key only for decryption.

In LG Smart TV released in 2012 and 2013, you should click on the following USB icon in MyApps page after inserting the USB into the TV.


- Once an application is installed through USB, it is executable on maximum 5 devices with same LG Apps IDs.

- If an application has been executed with ID "A”, the application is not shown on other TVs with ID "B”.

- However, once an application is installed on TV, it can be shown with different IDs on the same TV.


If you can't see the application icon, try the following:

  • Try installing on a different USB drive
  • Ensure the drive is formatted as FAT32
  • Unplug all other drives and try again
  • Ensure you are logged in to the TV with your LG account
  • Go to the forum pages for other options people have found worked for them

Frequently Asked Questions

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