Now available in the LG Application Store!

PLAYz Media is the result of my desire to have a native PLEX client working on the 2013 model of LG Smart TV.

Feel free to download the application give it a test, and come back here regularly as I am constantly releasing updated versions with new features and bug fixes.

Please check out the project sponsors who have helped make this possible.


Simon J. Hogan

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Plex.inc have requested that I change the name and logo of the application, so once approved by LG it will be called PLAYz ...

The application is currently number 1 in the smart world store in most countries ... Thanks all!

Cheers, Simon


Finally approved by LG!


Keep adding comments please!


Project is now on GitHUB if you want to contribute to development or feel free to make a donation if you find the app useful and want to see further enhancements.




The application now supports over 22 languages ... check the forum for an overview.



Submitted application to LG for a 3rd QA ... will see what comes of it.

Big thanks to Alf Stevens for his considerable donation to the project.



Small update ... new release with more fixes for LG QA.


News, Announcements and Other Stuff


Quick update ... new release with more fixes for LG QA.



Quick update ... new release with initial fixes for LG QA.

Been a while ... thanks for your patience...

LG have been really helpful the past few weeks - just took a long time for them to get to the app.

New site URL is http://plex.sithari.com.au please update bookmarks.



Quick update ... sorry been slow last few weeks with move and renovations ... and flooding :-(

I hope to get back on track soon ... thanks for your patience...

No word for LG yet either!



Quick update ... move if finally finished but still lots to do ...

So I am about to start on channel support and some more bug fixes, thanks for your patience.

Please if you are going to raise an issue, ask a question or request an enhancement check the existing entries first!

Thanks, Simon


New release tonight includes improved music functions and fixes a bug or two. I had hoped to include some kind of audio visualization but the audio API don't provide a means of analising the music stream. Thinking of providing a image slideshow based on keywords searches of Bing images (that's right g$$gle) will see how it goes.

A big thanks to the new platinum sponsor Paul Johnson who made a considerable donation to the project - very generous.

Cheers, Simon


No release tonight sorry ... Google has disabled my adsense account 3 days before they had to actually pay me, with no warning and no reason provided. I appealed and it was rejected still no reason, just a thank you for your understanding. "Do no evil" ha!

I just lost a month and half worth of site revenue - So I am taking the night off to regroup and push along the LG submission process.

Cheers, Simon


Small update tonight some tweaks to the UI. I have done a little research and it would appear that while the application on run at 720p resolution this does not effect video playing at full 1080p using the integrated media player - so enjoy you content in full resolution! Been a busy few days as I am getting ready to move house at the end of the week - have been in the current house for over 6 years and it's only when you pack you realize how much stuff you have collected.

I swear if one more person asks me about channels I will scream ... I am getting there you just need to be patient!

Cheers, Simon


Another minor update tonight - a number of people has requested unwatched episode counts on TV show thumbs - done! They won't appear it unwatched overlays are disabled in options. Also for those using magic remote you can now press the back button on home screen to close quick media preview.

Cheers, Simon


Small update this evening ... a number of people have complained about text size so I have added an option to turn on extra large text. Personally I haven't had any issues at 3 meters away from the TV, but I do have a 55" display. It may need further tweaks over time ... thanks to all of you who have been clicking away!

Cheers, Simon


Hi all ... been a hectic few days and haven't had much time to work on the application.

Have had a brief dialog with someone from LG regarding the submission process and it is moving along - here's hoping I can get it off soon. Don't worry the latest version will always be here first for testing etc.

I have a few things in the works at the moment, specifically an update music player and an image slideshow, I hope to have them out in the next week.

Just a heads up to everyone who keeps asking - you can't install the application on your TV without it coming from the Smart World application store, until then it has to run off a USB drive.

BTW fixed a bug with the registration system on the site so now anyone who has registered should appear ... 250+ registrations so far!

Cheers, Simon


Just released a minor update, which addresses a couple of reported bugs with subtitle selection, and an option to turn off watched/unwatched icons.

Still working thru the whole LG application submission process, basically writing a help document that walks them thru the application - you would thing it would be obvious but anyway.

Cheers, Simon


New release tonight allows for usage of standalone LG media player for direct play content (sorry doesn't work for streaming), which I hope provides full 1080p playback.

See release notes on download page for other inclusions. Also I have published a new comment on forum which talks about recent finds relating to subtitles.

Good to registrations on the rise but still no where near the total visitors/downloads to the site I can see in the stats. Thanks to all those who have already registered.

Cheers, Simon


Small release tonight allows multiple PMS support if using scan function- see release notes on download page.

Please register if your using the application - only 30 registrations at present!

Cheers, Simon


Small release tonight .. mainly bug fixes.

I am in the middle of implementing a load on scroll function for the media listing pages (i.e. only load content as it is required), which should see improvements in responsiveness for those of you with large media libraries. I hope to have this released in the next few days.

A few people have reported that some videos are reporting as finished when only part way thru playing. I have noticed this myself on one or two movies when using direct play. It would seem that the finished event is being triggered by the LG media player for some reason?!? I really have no idea how to fix this right now, as it is a built in LG API event which I just check for and then process. If you have noticed this please publish the video XML from PMS in the forum so I can look for patterns.

Cheers, Simon


Small release tonight .. hopefully you will see some speed improvements on the home menu!

I realize turning transcoding on by default has some of you hot and bothered ... I am looking at various options to enable direct play when it isn't required.

Based on current PMS functionality it appear this is based on transcoding profiles which I am investigating, but PLEX also state that direct play won't support subtitles (i.e. embedded subtitles won't work).

There are a lot of people screaming for different options and functions and I am not going to be able to keep everyone happy, but I am doing my best.

Back to my normal work tomorrow :-(

Good night all, Simon


Major release tonight which implements HLS (m3u8) adaptive streaming as default play option (I will add an option soon to allow for direct play). This deal with a range of options specifically audio and integrated subtitle selection as PMS handles it.

Audio and subtitle stream selection is now done on the media information page similar to PMS web client, the application will also remember what has been selected in the future.

By popular demand you can now also mark videos as watched or unwatched in the client.

While your here check out the sponsors page it's slowly growing and please if you download the application register it only takes a second.

Good night all, Simon


Small release tonight which implements HLS (m3u8) adaptive streaming via the magic icon on the player. This will use the audio stream and subtitles (including embedded) as selected inside PMS web client. I plan to move the transcoded play icon currently on the player and to the media information page along with the option to select audio and subtitles (similar to PMS Web Client).

Also LGs ability to select audio is rather limited as you must specify a 2 letter language code to pick an audio stream, this doesn't help when there are two stream for say English - I have no idea which is selected. Also in order to pick and set an audio stream the video must be playing! I have  found a number of test media files which just crash the application when attempting to play due to this requirement.

All of this leads me to thing that HLS streaming is the way to go by default, with an option to direct stream.

 Please test out the HLS transcoding and let me know how you go via the forum, please don't lodge bug reports for this function!

Thanks to my official sponsors for their donations towards development, I am pulling some ridiculous hours between work and family duties trying to get things working and it is taking a toll!

I am currently sitting on about 5000 unique visitors to my site with an average of about 600 visitors per day.

Thanks, Simon


New register feature on the site - please take a moment to register your details. Other than a location no personal details will be revealed.

Thanks, Simon

9/1/2014 11:35PM

A quick update have managed to get m3u8 streaming working on a video with subtitles and alternate language :-).

Hope to have a release out in next few days which incorporates it!

Just put a quick update on the site which addresses default language stream selection causing a freeze in the media player.

Good night, Simon


A big thanks to all the sponsors who have made a donation via PayPal. I am somewhat overwhelmed at people's generosity.

I am still testing a range of options with transcoding via the m3u8 adaptive streaming method provided by PLEX, and it is very frustrating to say the least.

PMS works via the LG web browser but the same URLs used don't seem o want to play nicely within the application media object provide by LG. A number of people have reported issues and LGs responses have been less than helpful, but I will persevere and see what I can work out.

Some people have asked about options for configuring subtitles (colour, moving, etc.), just a heads up there is no API controls for subtitles other than turning them on so I am somewhat limited in the options available, until I can get streaming working reliably.

Cheers, Simon


Another small release for today includes watched status icons on movies and episodes, and I have turned off background art on hover by default. This can be enabled in options if you wish.

Interested in how people have found the transcoding function? Let me know via the forum.

Also by request there is an option to make a donation towards development costs namely my time, up to you really. A little or a lot it all helps me keep this thing going.

Cheers, Simon


Small release today includes some subtitle and audio stream changes, along with experimental transcoding option within player.

Please note transcoding is highly experimental and very basic, but it may provide options of people who have video formats LG doesn't like, or where subtitles are integrated.

Cheers, Simon


SO I have just spent several hours playing with generic transcoding across a range of media and I have a headache!

My testing has succeeded in getting video playing at less the 3000 bps using MP4 and ACC with subtitles ;-) but you can't seek so far as I can tell. You may be able to hack this by starting a new transcoding session with a predefined offset but still testing to check this. Also not sure if I can get video playing at full 1080P via the Media Player device utilised within the SDK. It also appears you can't just redirect the generic transcoding URL to the default LG player which may allow full 1080P video...

I am about to look at options for the full blown transcoder utilizing the m3u8 apple codec to see if it makes any difference and will keep you posted.

Thanks for your patience.

Cheers, Simon



So I am currently looking at transcoding to provide a fall-back for media and subtitles that the LG platform can't play natively. I have had some success with the generic transcoder and hope to have something in place shortly. I have also tweaked the player to set last used subtitles back to PMS, and to use the default PMS setting when opening media.

Will keep you posted ...

Thanks to all for your support and in helping test the application in preparation for submitting to LG.

As I have said previously this has taken up far more of my time then I have originally expected, and has grown in to much more than my simple "pet project".

I am pushing out updates as fast as I can, but please keep in mind I have a family (wife and three year old boy, plus another boy on the way) and a full time job.

Cheers, Simon


Update release - minor enhancements and bug fixes see release log on downloads page for details.

Some testers have requested that the last media filter selection (i.e. View by folder or first letter) becomes the default on next open, so I have implemented this. This should speed things up for those of you with big libraries.

I have also tweaked the font sizes throughout the application to try to alleviate issues some people have reported with readability at a distance. Personally I had no issues on my LG 55LA7400 but I understand those with smaller screens or poor eye sight may have had some trouble. Hopefully this will not be an issue now.

I have also enabled some extra options to shut down the dialogs on the media player.

Thanks, I never realised how much time this "pet" project would consume when I started.



Update release - minor enhancements and bug fixes see release log on downloads page for details.

Some people have raised issues with speed on some older model TVs ... sorry there isn't allot I can do about it, the client is constantly talking to PMS and by its nature presenting graphically rich information back to the user.

LG/HTML5 doesn't give you allot of control over caching, and in some cases would generate other issues.

I have done what I can to tweak speed where I can specifically around image loading, but I can't make older model TVs any faster, sorry.



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